Thursday, May 20, 2010


Both Victor and Macbeth suffer from isolation. Victor suffers moreso, I think, since his isolation at first is of his own doing. He chooses to spend months at his unsavory experiments--visiting charnall houses and graveyards to collect his materials. He does not go out into the world to enjoy nature, he does not sleep or eat well. Later, his isolation is because he is trying to protect those he loves from the creature (so he says). Macbeth is isolated due to his guilt for killing Duncan, and then because everyone recognizes him for what he is--an evil, ambitiious, killing machine who will cut down anyone in his way.

Fate is evident in both the novel and the play since there are similar themes-playing God will only bring you trouble. Macbeth tries to tempt fate by hurrying events along and murdering Duncan. Victor attempts to play God by creating a human being which, after being abandoned, turns on him. In both, the outcome is not pleasant. Those who take faith out of the equation are destined to suffer horrible consequences. Had Macbeth allowed Fate to "stir" his future for him, he might have been King without murdering Duncan and losing favor with his friends. Had Victor allowed his father and professors to steer him away from the countles antiquated books he was studying, he may not have created the creature and suffeed so many losses.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Frankenstein can be seen as a novel identity

Frankensteins can be seen as a novel of indentity because it has to deal with the identity issues of both frankensteins monster and victor frankenstein. another main issues to be dealt with is Mary Shelleys identity.

Frankensteins view of himself within paradise lost: does he see himself as adam or eve?

Mary Shelley: why didnt she put her name on the novel at frist?

Victor frankenstein: playing god, does he see himself as the monster?

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Key Issues From the Bloody Chamber

  • Shock Value

Use of explicit language in the fairy tales, is using the shock factor because the reader isn't it. this creates shock value and read-on-ability as the reader wonders if she has included other graphic language.

  • Feminism

You can see feminist views in these novels by the way Angela carter allows the female characters to be much more dominant in these fairy tales then they bare in the original. They originals used females as damsels in distress and allowed the men to rescue them, Where as in this the female are a lot more independent and allow for the men to be rescued such as in "the courtship of Mr Lyon" this is one of the main feminist stories as the name itself shows that the female is stronger because a man would court a women but now it is the women courting the man.

  • Fairy Tale
  • Entrapment
  • Sympathy

Thursday, January 28, 2010

In chapter 10 to what extent is nature a key point???????? ey ey ey!

Nature is a key point in this chapter because it helps us see the monster in a lot of different lights. It helps you feel sympathy for the monster as it makes him very child like, because he is finding solace and prosperity in something else that is so innocent and natural.
The monster can also be related to nature in the way in which nature is something so big and intimidating can be so peaceful and harmful. The way both victor and the monster find peace in the mountains that at the point in time seemed so harmful and frightening makes them relate to each when they both want to be so far away from each other.
Mary Shelley began writing about the mountains in a new to everyone else to show how they could be seen in a different light to frightening and daunting to readers. She allows the reader to link Romanticism and Aesthetics with the mountains and the monster together as they have both been created by a force higher then their own power because they both have picturesque qualities about them but are both sometimes shunned by the human race because of the infinite amount of power behind them. The human race is so fearful of objects more powerful and different to themselves that they stick together and refuse its acceptance into a society that is created around vanity and judgments, i think this is the point Mary Shelly is trying to make by saying how society at the time was very judgemental towards things that were different, and by writing Frankenstein was trying to show people how something so different could in fact be more beneficent towards everyone.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The Witches.......

I think the witches are important to the play because they start the play of. They tell Macbeth and Banquo their furtues which sets the play into motion. I think this is important because otherwise if we hadn't heard the prediction and then Macbeth and Lady Macbeth killed the king anyway we wouldn;t feel any sort of sorrow for them at all, where as we can half and half sympathise with them for killing him and then the others. But it also raises the important question, which is " If the witches had never told Macbeth that he would be king, would he of killed the king????" it makes you question Macbeths motives, because Banquo hasn't forced his sons into the king chair he is waiting paitently for it too happen. It makes you question whether you think Macbeth should of left it and fallen into the king's chair by chance or by his own forceful nature.
When "Hecat" then shouts at the witches for telling Macbeth she says "hath been but for a wayward son, spitrful and wrathful, who, as others do, loves for his own ends, not for you" which makes you think that he probably would of done it anyway because he is a spiteful person who only wants to do things for his own self.
this is why i think the witches are important becasue they raise lots of questions for people to think about Macbeth.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Act 1. . . . . . .

"1. Setting in a castle."

Although the play starts of with the witches in the forest, is soon then changes to the scenes in the castle, the castle is also where the murders happens, this adds to the Gothic nature, because it appears to be night-time in a lot of the scenes.

"2. An atmosphere of mystery and suspense"

Shakespeare includes a lot of imagery in act one, The tales of war and then the witches predicting the future creates imagery for the audience. in Act 1 Scene 3 the stage directions Shakespeare has given when the witches enter is thunder, this could create a suspense as thunder would be seen as bad news and you would predict that something bad is about to happen. They way the witches also leave the scene adds suspense as well as they just suddenly disappear.

"3. An ancient prophecy

This happens in act one with the witches, as they predict the future of Macbeth and Banquo. This prophecy is highly needed as it now sets the whole plot into order as Macbeth and Lady Macbeth now plan on how to kill the king.

The first act in macbeth plays the main part in the play by setting the plot line into order, it helps the reader to se both sides to macbeth and lady macbeth by using different elements of gothic literature

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Coursework Progress...

I have decided to do my coursework on "where rainbows end" by Ceclia Ahern and "The Sorrow's of Young Werther" by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. These books are both epistolary novels, which means they take the form of letters and emails in their writing instead of plain paragraph.
I am going to do these books as i think the use of letters is important to the structure of the book. My question is going to be based upon the use of letters within the novels and how they correspond with the characters.